What to do if Your Kid Doesn’t Get Into Their First Choice for University

first choice for university

Haver you been planning your child’s university plan, since they were in diapers only to find out that for some reason they didn’t get into their first choice for university? Don’t worry, though it may feel like the the end of the world, rest assured it is not. There are still plenty of options for you and your and your child to have a fulfilling, fruitful, and rewarding educational experience. Here are some tips on what to do next when your kid doesn’t get into their first choice for university.

Take a Deep Breath
first choice for university

Before you do anything, take a deep breath. Receiving a rejection letter from a first choice university can be crushing for your whole family but remember it was your child who has been working for this, so they may be the most effected, you don’t want your grief or panic to further a sense of shame from your child. It is best to stay positive, relax, maybe have a cup of tea and plan  a family meeting for the next day. It may feel like the sky is falling but it is not, there are still plenty of options for a successful educational path for your child. Some families even take a year off to reassess their educational plans. Once everyone has calmed down a little, listen to your child, find out what they want to do next; at the end of the day it is their future.

Way Your Options
It is important to know there are still options. One obvious option is your child’s back up school. What was their second pick and how does it compare to the first? Perhaps it was an equally good education but in a slightly less desirable location, maybe it was more money than you had hoped to spend, or maybe your child wanted to go to the same school as his friends. Decide what the reasons are for it being second, how important are these reasons and will they drastically effect your child’s future? If you can live with your second pick school there is nothing wrong with enrolling, that is why you called it your second pick. If you want to keep trying for your first school, it is still possible through an appeal process. With the help of experts such as Simpson Millar, filling an appeal can be a viable option. Though it is never guaranteed you will get admitted after appeal it is possible and at the very least you will receive more information on why your child was not accepted to their first choice for university.

So whether you decide to appeal the decision from the school, go head first into your child’s second choice school, or take a “gap year” for you and your child to  think on it, there are still plenty of options even when your child does not get into their first choice for university. So keep you head up and chances are you will all be laughing about this come graduation day.

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Affordable ways to revamp a kitchen

Affordable ways to revamp a kitchen

Looking to revamp a kitchen? Whether you are trying to add a little fresh life to your existing kitchen for daily use, are trying to increase your homes resale value, or just need more space to cook for more people there are plenty of affordable ways to revamp a kitchen. If it is your dream home, an investment property or even a vacation house, here are a few of our favorite ways to revamp a kitchen on a budget.

Paint the Cabinets
Cabinets make up the bulk of most kitchens, so adding a splash of paint to existing cabinets can really change the feel of your kitchen. Pick a color that will look spectacular in your kitchen and be sure to be kitchen-ready paint so it holds up and in a day you can feel like a you have a brand new kitchen straight out of a home living magazine.

New Cabinet Handles
Affordable ways to revamp a kitchen
Another easy way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank is to add new handles to your cabinets. Pick up  funky, modern, or retro cabinet handles and see how big a difference it really makes. It may seem minor but new handles can significantly change the look and feel of any kitchen making it one of the best affordable ways to revamp a kitchen.

Paint Walls
If you are already happy with the color of your cabinets or want to go the extra mile, consider painting your kitchen walls. Again, make sure you pick a kitchen durable paint but then go wild! Just like painting the cabinets, painting the walls can change the look and feeling of your kitchen dramatically and at a relatively low cost.

Change Chairs
Kitchen tables can get expensive but chairs can be done a lot cheaper. Picking up and sprucing up a set of used or vintage chairs or even buying a set from a mid-range retailer can really change the comfort and vibe of your kitchen while staying on a tight budget and compared to dining room sets, you usually don’t need too many as most kitchen tables seat under four and are fairly informal.

New Faucets
A new faucet can be a great selling point on a kitchen. It is one of the first appliances people look at when they enter the room. A bold, modern faucet can make a kitchen look a lot more expensive than it actually is. This is especially true with the latest high-tech hands free faucets which combine technology and style. A quality faucet is one of the best affordable ways to revamp a kitchen.

I hope these have been inspiration for your kitchen projects. Remember it doesn’t have to be pricey to look good, get creative and have fun revamping your tired kitchen into a modern masterpiece!

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The best laptops under $500

laptops under $500

Want a new laptop but don’t have a lot of cash to spare? Don’t worry for less than you think you can get a quick new laptop so long as you do your homework. Here are some of the best laptops under $500.

laptops under $500
Asus F55LA
This bargain of a laptop provides a 15.6″ 1080p display, a powerful Intel i3 CPU, 4GB of RAM full keyboard and DVD burner all for $375. That is enough for anyone to stop and say wow. The Asus F55LA is no doubt one of the best laptops for under $500 and is even packaging in a sleek case. If you are on a budget and looking for a computer with a nice display that can handle most tasks, this laptops under $500 is definitely worth checking out without worrying about breaking the bank.
Toshiba Chromebook 2
Another laptop well under $500, the Toshiba Chromebook 2 is built on Googles OS and comes in at just under $350. This includes some serious specs like a 13″ HD display, Intel Celeron processor, and 4GB of RAM. Google’s Chrome OS has grown a lot of the last several years and their plethora of web-based apps are more than enough for the majority of user’s needs and offers a refreshing lightweight experience versus Windows. The Toshiba Chromebook 2 really takes the cake with its exceptional battery life and crisp HD screen. So if you enjoy Google’s OS, definitely take a look at this bargain laptop.

Lenovo Ideapad 100S
Forgot best laptop under $500, how about best laptop under $150! The Lenovo Ideapad 100S comes in at $149 and has some outstanding features given its low cost.  It features the all new Windows 10, powered by a 1.33-GHz Intel Atom Z3735F CPU and 2GB of RAM. While not quite as powerful as the others on this list it is definitely enough for daily tasks such as web browsing, photo editing, and watching media. The  Lenova Ideapad 100s also features a good quality 11.6″ screen and an very impressive 9 hour battery life. So if you are truly on a budget I recommend you spend some time with the Lenova Ideapad 100s and you may begin to feel a smug sense of satisfaction over your friends with comparable MacBooks at 10 times the cost.

So if you thought laptops were just for those with a big disposable income I hope this article has enlightened you on the slew of options for a laptop under $500. With a range of features, specs, and operating systems all for under a $500 price tag there is definitely something to suit your needs. Remember since using a laptop can still be a very personal preference oriented experience I definitely recommend heading to your local computer store to demo any of these models before purchasing or make sure your online vendor has a solid return policy. Good luck and happy computing!

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Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Love traveling but hate messing with your hard fought exercise routine? Want to keep up with your hot bod while on the go? Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, alone or with your family, here are some exercises you can do anywhere you are.
Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Sumo Slide
The “Sumo Slide” is an exercise you can do anywhere you are.  Make sure you stand at a shoulder length apart width put your hands by your knees, bend them as if you are imitating a sumo wrestler. Next put your weight on the balls of your feet, flex your core, and lift. Within the same motion, lift your arms over your head and slide one heel to the other. Alternate and repeat between ten and thirty times.

Jumping Jacks
A classic cardio buster, Jumping Jacks are an exercise pretty much anyone can do but that doesn’t make them any less effective.  In case you forgot, Jumping Jacks are when you spread your arms and legs apart (while in a standing position.) You do this is a jump like motion, repeating for at least twenty repetitions. With hardly any space needed, Jumping Jacks are a terrific way to get you r heart rate up in a confined space.

Run in Place
Don’t have a tread mill or space to run? While it may not be the most exciting or innovative work out, running in place is another excellent cardio work out. Put on your favorite tennis shoes and start running in place, get your knees up to maximize the calories burned.

More exciting than running in place, toss on your favorite tunes and go wild! Get your heart going and that rhythm flowing. When no one is around you probably already dance like no one is around, so just turn it up a notch and keep sweating. Remember if you are sweating it is working.

Sit Ups
The classic core work out, sit ups  are one of the simplest and  most effective exercises you can do anywhere. With just enough space to lie down, sit ups can help you get a firm toned stomach we all have wanted even when you aren’t near a gym.

Push Ups
Another simple and classic work out, the push up is a perfect exercise you can do anywhere. Whether you are doing sets of ten or one-hundred, the push up is a optimal way to build upper body strength without a gym, space, or extra equipment. There are also countless variations on push ups to make them more or less difficult depending on you strength level.

So remember, just because you aren’t at home doesn’t  mean you can’t keep up your exercise routine. Try a combination of these exercises you can do anywhere and you can stay in shape no matter where you are.

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How to dress for a first date

Dress First Date

Did someone swipe right on you? Excited for a first date but terrified as well? You are not alone, it is normal for most men to get nervous before a first date and what you are wearing can be a major factor. Here are some tips how to dress for a first date.

Make It Appropriate to the Venue but Stay Flexible
The first thing you need to know is, where you’re date is starting and where it potentially will end. Going to the movies and a mid-range restaurant, skip the suit but maybe jeans and dress shirt? If you are going hiking, wear something comfortable for the outdoors but also keep in mind, if things go good maybe you will be going out to dinner after and then to the bars; so make sure you wear something that can be flexible enough (a change of shoes in the car trunk can help too.) The key is to dress for the occasion.

Don’t Be Too Formal or Too Aggressive

Alligator shoes and a shirt that screams “look at me” can come off as too desperate. Also, if you dress to fancy you can run the risk of making your date feel like they didn’t dress up enough. It is best to play it somewhere in the middle. You may look good in a suit but your date shows up in jeans they will likely feel uncomfortable. Remember, you want to look confident but not come off as too cocky.

Dress First Date
Shoes Make the Man
Weather you are wearing a tuxedo or a sweat suit, the most important accessory is your shoes. Make sure you have a new (but not brand new) pair of shoes to wear. No scuffs, no holes; you want your date to know you put some effort into your appearance. Make sure you have a “hip” pair of shoes, not sure what “hip” shoes are, ask some girls in your life, they will tell you. A nice pair of dress shoes can class up a pair of jeans, and a pair of tennis shoes can work to dress down a suit; so use this to your advantage. If you are going to remember one thing about how to dress for a first date, make sure it’s the shoes.

I hope these tips are helpful at how to  dress for a first date and soothing your nerves before you next big date. Remember if you ever need help ask someone you know who is a good dresser, not only will they be flattered but they surely will be able to help you decide something to wear. Most importantly, don’t stress out too much; if you really have a connection a pair of mismatched socks won’t effect it. Good luck on that next big date!

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What is the best major to study to earn the most money?

study to earn most money

Going back to school but want to make sure it is worth the time and the money?  While there seems to be an endless amount of areas of study as well as no shortage of information from friends and family on what subject is best for you, for many of us it comes down to economics. Many of us just want t0 know what degree will provide the most bang for your buck. School is not easy and it is not cheap so here are some of the best subjects to study to earn the most money.
study to earn most money
Not surprisingly a business degree is a safe bet for earning a nice salary out of college. While it isn’t the most specialized degree, this can allow you to be flexible in location and industry and float along with the shifting tides of the job market. Not surprisingly, a general business degree still nets a significantly higher average salary upon graduation than most other 4 year programs. So if you want a degree that seems like a safe bet, regardless of your eventual end field of work, business may be a good area of study for you.

Computer Science
Have a knack with computers or programming? Keep it up! Computer science majors are amongst the highest in demand and highest paid graduates. Whether you live in Silicon Valley or Death Valley, given the ability to telecommute, this degree can also offer a great deal of flexibility and with a job market increasingly dominated by the tech industry, computer science majors will likely be in demand and well paid for the foreseeable future. So if you have a knack for technology and want to be part of a booming industry, a computer science degree may be a good choice for you.

The long standing champ and it doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon; engineering majors are often the highest paid graduates of Bachelors programs. With countless opportunities upon graduating including in aerospace, biomedical, government, electrical, mechanics, renewable energy, and even software; an engineering degree is both specialized and diversified and can offer a variety of high paying positions regardless of your interests. If you always where interested in how things work and how to make them work better, an engineering degree may be a perfect choice and it could provide significant economic rewards.
While there is always the opportunity to earn money regardless of your degree and there is something to be said about following your passions; if your passions happen to fall in line with one of these fields (if not, don’t worry there are countless more degrees that pay) of study don’t waste any time and get consider enrolling to study to earn the most money today!

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The Biggest Hotels in The World

Biggest Hotels in The World

There are definitely some big hotels in the world. From themed Vegas mega-structures to exotic beachside skyscrapers, there is a massive hotel for everyones tastes. While not all o these might be in your immediate travel plans chances are will likely cross paths with one or two at some point and if you have never stayed at an architectural marvel of this size, here is your chance. So take a look at some of the biggest hotels in the world.

The Luxor, Las Vegas
Located in the land of big hotels (Las Vegas,) with nearly 4,500 rooms Las Vegas’ “The Luxor” is a one of the biggest hotels in the world that just happens to be shaped like a massive Egyptian pyramid in the middle of the desert, complete with a gigantic sphinx. Room start at only $40 bucks a night the hotel is hard to miss due to the alien-like spotlight shooting from atop the pyramid at night. So if you feel like taking a trip back in time stay at this out of this world hotel!

Ambassador City, Thailand
Pattaya’s Ambassador City hotel offers over 4,200 rooms located on Thailand’s tropical coast. Surprisingly, it is also one of Thailand’s oldest hotels. The Ambassador City Hotel offers 4 separate wings each with a unique theme. The hotel is also very accessible with rooms starting at around $35 dollars a night. A massively relaxing beach getaway.

First World Hotel, Malaysia
Another South East Asian tropical hotel, the First World Hotel boasts a whopping 6,118 rooms. Built adjacent to the Genting Theme Park, this Technicolor monolith provides easy access to guests enjoying the park. Despite it’s slightly bizarre name, Malaysia’s First World Hotel is definitely one of the biggest hotels in the world and worth a stop.

Biggest Hotels in The World
The Excalibur, Las Vegas
Another huge hotel on the Vegas Strip, the topic of many a photo, the world famous Excalibur is a giant castle structure, loosely based on the legend of King Arthur. It features close to 4,000 rooms all within the magnificent magical theme. Other than the obligatory casino, it has some impressive features such as a movie theatre , stores, and restaurants.  Don’t forgot to pack your suit of armor and wizard’s staff.

Izmailovo, Moscow
Moscow’s Izmailovo is not only the biggest hotel in Russia but in the entire world! This massive utilitarian structure was opened during the 1980 Olympics to house world athletes and now provides accommodations for countless of tourists per year. It offers an astonishing 7,500 rooms split up amongst 4 towers. What better way to experience Russia’s mega capitol.

So if you think bigger is always better, make sure you visit some of these biggest hotels in the world and don’t forgot to bring some friends along, because given the size of these hotels, there will be plenty of room!

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The Fastest Trains in the World

fastest trains

fastest trains
Traveling by train has been a longtime favorite slow pace commuter or backpacker but with these fastest trains in the world, it is becoming a favorite of those seeking adventure or to save precious time without the inconvenience or airports. So no matter where you are in the world, check out some of these fastest trains in the world and hold onto your seats!

Belguim’s HSL-1 has been operating since 1997 at a top-speed of 186mph. This means it can make it from Brussels to Paris is less than 90 minutes. While that is a definitely a quick ride, with landscapes so beautiful you may wish it was slower so you stop and smell the tulips.

Shanghai’s Maglev
Shanghai’s fast bullet train has been running commercially for over 10 years and was the first commercially operated electromagnet train. It runs 30km from Longyang Road Station of Metro Line 2 and ending at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It achieves a speed of a whopping 270mph!

Harmony CRH 380A
China is also home to the second fastest operating train in the world has been operating since 2010. It runs from Beijing to Shanghai and reaches nearly 500 kilometers per hour. CRH 380A is one part of a four part Chinese train system which were designed to run on newly constructed high-speed lines that run at average speeds of 380 kilometers per hour and and are based on all original Chinese designs.

Japan’s SCMaglev
Japan’s brand new “mag-lev bullet train” can travel as fast as 10 miles per second! This crazy fast train uses electromagnets to ride friction free. This train is so fast it recently broke the land speed world record. This train is planned to be in commercial use by Japan in 2027.

ETR 500
Italy’s ETR 500 makes the breathtaking trip from Milan to Bologna in less than an hour. With top speeds of over 190mph this train is bound to get your heart racing if the Italian fashions don’t. Let’s hope the onboard food can live up to the Italian standards!


While the view might not be the best (since the Eurostar goes under the British the famous channel or “chunnel,”) It’s speed is definitely impressive at a whopping 199mph. This is a perfect commute from London to Paris. Which by the way sounds like a pretty glamorous commute!

So whether you are a commuter in a hurry or seeking a once in a lifetime thrill ride, be sure to add  one of these fastest trains in the world to your next trip. If you are in Asia or Europe chances are you may be near enough to enjoy record fast travel time aboard a cutting edge mega fast train. The allure of the rails has never been so strong or fast!

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Auto Industry Spotlight: Tesla Model III

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3Details on the much talked about Tesla Model III are rolling in. After much anticipation some more information on this financially accessible electric vehicle from the legendary Tesla Motors. Here is a round up as part of our Auto Industry Spotlight: Tesla Model III.

On first look, the Tesla Model III is breathtaking. Tesla’s new all electric premium sedan features a streamlined smooth design with rounded corners everywhere and is breaking the mold by removing the cosmetic only grill seen in other Tesla models. The Tesla Model III debut model also sports big flashy wheels and a hot red color bound to get attention. They also showcased a more conservative sliver color.

Starting at $35,000, the Tesla Model III is the only electric vehicle in this class to provide this level of performance. It is decidedly fast (though predictably not quite as quick as its luxury older brothers) and boasts an EPA range of 215 miles. The company advertises a zero to sixty in under six seconds, which should make taking your kids to soccer practice a lot more fun. The relatively low cost is due to the company’s “Gigafactory,” a massive factory located in Nevada that will be pumping out more lithium ion batteries than ever factory in the world combined. A major factor in the cost of quality electric vehicles has always been tied to the high cost of lithium ion batteries.

As the Tesla Model III is designed to be an everyday consumer sedan, it is also putting safety first. Tesla promises the Model III will attain the highest safety rating in every category. This is a big promise and if Tesla can deliver it could really shake up the mid-range sedan market. It can also comfortably sit five passengers and appears to be a lot more fun than your average mini-van. The company has not disclosed too many details about their “autopilot hardware” (guesses are it could be similar to Google’s highly publicized self-driving car) though we could be getting a lot closer to a self driving car, though given how much fun this things looks like to drive, this could be a potential downside!


So whether you are interested in a Tesla Model III for the environmental benefits, the costs of fuel saving, the novelty, the speed, the design, or the safety benefits; you are likely pretty happy right now. For your sake and that of Tesla Motors, hopefully your excitement will continue because the Tesla Model III will not be available until some time in 2017. To keep you interested Tesla is letting you reserve one for only $1,000 in cash now. So keep your fingers crossed, your wallets ready, and your foot on the gas… or should we say battery?

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