Why a glass pool fence is safest for children

If you’ve a young family and you’re installing a pool at home, you’ll need to make sure you add a fence to keep it safe. According to the Centers for Disease Control, drowning is the number one cause of unintentional deaths in children aged 1 to 4, with around 390 deaths by drowning in a swimming pool every year.

But the difference between a three-sided fence and a four-sided fence is huge – making sure your pool is fully surrounded reduces the risk of drowning by around 80%. So it just shows why you must have a full fence if you’re adding a pool at home. And if you choose glass pool fencing, there are a number of benefits specific to families that you’ll enjoy.

Self-latching gates

Even with the best intentions, it is easy to accidentally leave a pool gate open or unlocked, rendering your fence irrelevant if your children know where the gate is. A four-sided fence does nothing if the gate is open for your child to exploit. Yet choose a modern glass pool fence and you can enjoy gates that automatically close and latch, so you never need to worry about forgetting to shut it again. It leaves you free to relax, and means your fence can do the job it was intended for.

Climb-resistant panels

A fence is no good if it’s easy for adventurous children to climb. This is one of the more common issues with wooden fences, and occasionally metal railings. Yet glass panels are designed to be resistant to climbing – their smooth surfaces offer nowhere to grip, and their edgeless design offers no way through. Your glass fence will keep the pool off limits, no matter how hard the little ones try.

No edges to get stuck in

And try they will – it might be the hardest pool fence to climb, but that won’t stop braver children from having a go. And this can sometimes, with other material fences, cause children to injure themselves – edges and joints are the perfect place for skin to get caught or fingers to get jammed, particularly damaging if the climbing child falls. Glass panels don’t have these, so even when the child does try (and fail) to scale them, they’re less likely to be hurt.

Clear view to monitor children

Ultimately, you’re going to let your children enjoy your pool, as long as they are being supervised. And no fence offers a clearer view of your family in the pool than a glass one. If you need to be outside the fence, and you’ve left younger members of the family in the waters, it’s much easier to see them and ensure they’re safe with the unobstructed views of transparent glass panels.

These are just some of the reasons why you should consider glass pool fencing when you’re installing a pool at home and you want to keep the children safe.

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New Partnership Announced for GMO Trading with Top Bundesliga Club

The European Football marketing season has begun with the announcement from GMO Trading, one of Europe’s top online CFDs trading platforms, that they have signed a regional marketing partnership agreement with Borussia Dortmund, one of the Bundesliga’s annual top teams for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

It has been reported that the eight time Bundesliga Football champs will assist in marketing the company’s advanced trading platform to fans throughout Europe outside of Germany and that the club will participate with its logo and likenesses of its players on GMO Trading’s website available here: www.gmotrading.com and their various social media channels.

GMO developed their trading platform for traders looking for a simple and secure way to trade commodities, indices and currency pairs in the more than 10,000 markets. The platform has delivered creating clients in areas throughout Europe’s biggest financial centres including the UK, Germany and Spain. They are making a huge push into the remaining European markets and this marketing partnership should provide benefits.

Although the partnership officially begins at the start of the season which is 24th August this year, marketing has already begun and it will intensify as the season nears. Borussia Dortmund will also offer club merchandise and VIP tickets to club games throughout the season.

As part of the marketing partnership, GMO Trading’s clients will have the opportunity to access a range of exclusive offers and benefits from the club, including the chance to receive VIP tickets and official Borussia Dortmund merchandise.

Keep checking back to the GMO Trading website and social media channels for further details on offers and perks.

For more information, please email Rebecca Wharmby – Rebecca.Wharmby@Threepipe.co.uk.

About GMO Trading

GMO Trading is the brand name of Royal Forex a Cyprus Investment Firm, regulated by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission.

The platform takes pride in offering its clients an unparalleled trading environment and premium service, allowing them to access global trading arenas with great comfort and ease.

GMO Trading puts at its clients’ disposal an unrivalled variety of account options that can perfectly fit any trader’s needs. Clients benefit from advanced trading tools that provides them the possibility    to turn their trading ambitions into reality.

For more information, visit the GMO Trading website at www.gmotrading.com or vvisit its Facebook at www.facebook.com/gmotrading/.

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What You Should Do If You Have An Accident At Work

Accidents at work happen all the time and very often the consequences can be very severe for the victim, who in most cases is not at fault. This is something which I have personal experience of and two years ago I was involved in an accident involving a fork lift truck, which had not been stored away properly. During this difficult time I was thankful to be able to count on the wonderful legal team at the Dolan law firm, who managed to bring about some justice for me.

Naturally you will hope that you are never involved in an accident in the workplace, but it is worth being prepared and knowing what to do, should anything happen in the future.

Assess the Injury

Naturally your first step will be to review the damage and seek medical assistance if needed. All workplaces are obligated to have a first aid kit on site and if it is more serious, you should seek medical attention at the nearest hospital.

Reporting the Injury

Under employment law, all businesses are required to have an accident log and you must fill this in at your earliest possible convenience. The reason why it is better to do this as soon as possible is so that you can give a lengthy account about what happened, without forgetting any details. If anyone witnessed the accident take place, you should ask for them to add their version of events to the accident log, in order to get a fuller picture of what took place.

Taking Evidence

Another supporting piece of information which you will need is some photos or video of the accident taking place. The best case scenario here is that there was a security camera that recorded the accident, if this is the case then speak with the security team or manager, to set aside this piece of evidence.

Track Symptoms

Not all injuries are apparent straight away and especially not in the case of concussion or whiplash, popular problems after a slip or trip. In order to give an accurate representation of what you are suffering, it is important that you track your symptoms for the following weeks after your accident has taken place.

Financial Tracking

If you’re forced to pay out for anything after your accident such as medical supplies or hospital fees, make sure that you have a not of how much this cost. Conversely, if you lose any money as a result of your accident such as loss of income, you should also track how much you have lost in the days and weeks after your accident.

Lawyer Up

Finally you should make sure that you consult a legal team that deals specifically with personal injury claims. Making a claim against your employer is not just about claiming compensation for what you have lost, but also to ensure that protocols are put in place so that the same thing doesn’t happen to anyone else in the future.

Let’s hope it doesn’t happen to you, but you should be sure that you know what to do if it does.

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How To Take Advantage of Marijuana Stocks

As day traders delve into marijuana stocks, the ways of their training can be very valuable in assessing the potential value and long term options of these companies. The long term is clear, as this article will discuss. Marijuana companies will continue to grow and thrive in the new world. Regulations will fall away and more people will become comfortable with the notion of investing in these companies. But, before that, the volatility will be paramount, which means day traders will thrive.

 Legalization is coming, no doubt. Probably sooner rather than later. There are no limits on where marijuana stocks can go in the next few years. There will be a legitimate growth period in marijuana stocks, much different from the current speculative bubble that is consuming all the oxygen around Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies right now. The ancillary cannabis industries along with the new growers will make the sector a very attractive one for investors as we move forward.

Marijuana stocks should be very attractive to day traders, precisely because it is so early in the industry. A wild west like atmosphere prevails which makes it likely that marijuana stocks are going to be besotted with volatility from the uncertain regulatory environment and the anxieties of investors dealing with the stocks. That is a haven for day traders.

Day traders thrive on volatility. That is where they make their money. And there is money to be made in the market of marijuana stocks. The stability for these companies exist in states like Colorado and California, where the legalization train is already out of the station, but other state economies for cannabis are less stable. Which means that companies that do business in those states can be subject to more intense price swings in their shares. That is where skilled day traders can swoop in to make money.

Whether you are in the market for long-term marijuana stock holding or you want to jump on the cannabis day trading train, the opportunities are there. Make your are ready to make the most of them. That involves getting better at day trading through day trading education classes. That means taking the time to learn strategies and techniques that will allow you to take advantage of the market as it is. That means spending time in a chat room, swapping tips about marijuana stocks with other aspiring day traders, learning the nuances of the industry.

One area of the cannabis industry that merits attention is the proliferation of CBD products. CBD is an extract of the hemp plant that has pain relieving properties and anxiety reducing elements of marijuana, without the THC. The THC element is psychoactive, which is what causes users to get high. When you eliminate that aspect of cannabis ingestion, it becomes much more likely for the product to be legal in all 50 states. Which expands the potential markets. Which means that a company that makes and sells CBD products are more likely to be of interest to investors.

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How Drivers Can Tell if They Are Properly Being Compensated After a Truck Accident

Drivers who get into a car accident with another driver often know exactly what to do and what courses of legal action are available. After exchanging insurance information, its easy for them to get on with day to day life. For drivers who are involved in an accident with a truck, it can be hard to know exactly how to proceed, especially if a serious accident has life changing ramifications. There are many factors that are involved in getting full compensation for the injuries sustained in a truck accident and the subsequent costs. Here are some guidelines for drivers who have been in a truck accident and want to know if they are receiving all of the compensation they are entitled to receive from the experienced attorneys at Fisher & Talwar.

Are All Responsible Parties Paying Compensation?

Unlike a car accident, where the other driver is the only one who may be found responsible, there are multiple parties that can be legally held responsible in the case of a truck accident. In addition to the actual driver who was in the truck when the accident occurred, liability can also extend to his or her employer. Trucking laws are strict and employers who allow employees to break those laws can be held liable alongside the driver. If a separate person or company owns the truck, they may also be responsible for paying compensation. In addition, if the accident was caused by some type of design flaw or hardware malfunction, the manufacturer of the truck might also be held liable. These manufacturers are often multimillion dollar companies who can afford to pay legal compensation.

Are All Costs Being Covered?

Even if a driver is receiving compensation from all responsible parties, they may not be getting all the money they are entitled to receive. Medical bills are not the only kind of expenses that the law requires responsible parties to cover. Drivers who suffer losses in an accident can also be entitled to compensation for any therapy or rehabilitation and any missed earnings due to inability to work after the accident. If the inability to work goes on for a long time, there might be a need for compensation due to long term disability. The emotional ramifications of being in a serious accident can be just as serious as the physical, and a driver can be compensated for mental health treatment, emotional distress and inability to enjoy day to day life after the accident.

Drivers who have been in a serious accident with a truck should act quickly, as the statute of limitations in California limits the ability to make claims after two years has passed. It is vital to act within a certain timeframe to receive all the compensation legally owed by everyone who is legally liable. A good truck accident attorney can help with pursuing legal action until a driver has received all of the legal compensation he or she is owed.

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4 Marketing Strategies Your Business Should Be Using

As a business owner it can be difficult to decide upon where you should be investing your money and it is of course important, that each cent which is spent is heavily scrutinised. All investments or purchases should be done with the idea to further push the company towards growth and higher sales and one of the best ways of doing that is with marketing.

It is no surprise that one of the biggest reasons for the failure of a company in today’s world, comes down to the fact that they refused to invest money in marketing and this should serve as a cautionary tale for any business owner. Marketing is the best way for your company to grow and succeed and here are 4 of the most vital strategies which your business should be using.

Trade Shows

Trade shows provide you and your business with a fantastic opportunity to show off its products and services. Within these shows you will be competing with other businesses to show off who you are and what you do and it is vital that you put in the preparation work that is required to really wow people at the shows. Companies such as ExpoMarketing can help to provide you with unique and custom designed displays which can really help you stand out in a  trade show. Get your display right, perfect your pitch and you could see a real boost in the amount of sales which your company is making.

Social Media Marketing

With so many millions of people using social media everyday, this is a crucial area for you to market your product and your business. Here you have two choices, to either invest in ad campaigns which promote your business throughout the social media world, or you use your social media profile as a free marketing tool which helps you connect with a wide range of new and existing customers. Social media gives you the chance to promote your business and most importantly, to interact with your customers directly.


This digital marketing strategy aims to get your business on to the first page of the search engines when customers search for keywords that relate to your business. Consumers rarely look past the first page of search results which is why it is so important that you invest in this strategy. SEO can help you to grow your brand, sell more products and you can also use it to stay one step ahead of your competition.

Promotional Marketing

At its core, promotional marketing is about giving something away at a reduced price, to encourage people to spend their money with you. The internet age has made this easier than ever and you can offer something as simple as a voucher code on a popular couponing site, which customers can redeem at your business. The idea is that you lose a little money to entice the customer in, wow them with your products to motivate them to come back and pay full price next time.

There are many more marketing strategies which you could use, but these are the most important.

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The Pros and Cons of Working from Home and the Office

Companies are asking workers today for longer hours which means that they get less time for their families. When you take the typical 8 to 10 hour work day and then add in the commute time, there’s barely enough time to get home, check the kid’s homework, have a meal, and read bedtime stories.  Weekends are spent trying to make up for lost time during the week, and sleeping.

Employees are very concerned about the lack of time they have for their families, and companies must now offer options that allow some employees to stay at home during the workday, and do their work there.

Employees looking to work from home, are presented with a new set of circumstances they must deal with in order to get their work done effectively and on time. The home environment is very different than the office and many find they need an adjustment, for them to get up to speed. What are the differences between working at home and working in the office?

Time Management

Pros: When you work at home, there was no one looking over your shoulder and constantly badgering you. You can take a break if you need, go to the restroom, get some exercise, and even take a nap. This type of work schedule might make you much more productive as opposed to what typically occurs in the office.

Cons: The downside is that with no one making sure that you get your work done, if you are not very disciplined, your productivity can fall off a cliff, with more napping than typing. You really need to be disciplined and be a good time management person.


Pros: When you work from home you can control the amount of distractions in your environment. You don’t have to be concerned about the person in the next cubicle talking too loud on the phone, telling bad jokes, or interrupting you when you are in the middle of something important. Your focus can be 100% on the job at hand, and again your productivity can skyrocket.

Cons: if you do not have an environment at home that you can control, it can become very difficult for you to get your work done. Screaming children, a nosy mother or mother-in-law and the stay-at-home spouse who is constantly asking you to take a break, can all work against your productivity goals. For this reason you need to make sure that when you work at home, your family understands your need for focus. The best option is to work in a quiet room with all of the necessary business tools and furniture at work needed for you to do your work, and a door that locks.

Commute Time

Pros: When you work at home you can mute is from your bedroom to your kitchen to get a cup of coffee. No worries about traffic jams, long lines at the gas station to fill up your car, and worries about finding a good parking space. With no time needed for commute you can spend more time working. You also save money on fuel and car maintenance.

Cons: Many people use the commute time to prepare themselves for work. This 15 minutes to an hour can be very valuable and many use that time to go over upcoming job tasks, creative ideas, and important issues around company projects. Without this preparation time, you might find it hard to get started in the morning.

There are many pros and cons for working at home, or working at the office. The key is to understand how to make each environment the most productive. As more and more employees choose the working at home option, they need to also understand how to best maximize the environment so both they and the company wins.

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Quick, Effective Exercises You Can Do in College

Push ups is one of many Exercises You Can Do in College

While college can be a lot of fun, the excesses of the weekend can wreak havoc on your figure and your health if you don’t take care of yourself.

From mass consumption of beverages to going back for seconds at meal hall, most freshmen put on at least five pounds during their first semester.

Whether you want to look extra cute in the sorority letter shirts you’ll get once you successfully rush your favorite sisterhood, or if you simply want to give yourself the strength that will make everyday living easier, there are exercises which will help you reach your goals.

In the paragraphs below, we’ll go over a few that can be done in the comfort of your dorm room.


Dips are an exercise that focuses on the triceps and chest muscles. It does this by raising and lowering the body, using your arms as the force mechanism.

This movement can be performed by sitting on the edge of a sturdy chair, sticking your legs straight out, and placing your hands behind you on the chair pan, with your arms forming a 90-degree angle.

Lower your body towards the floor, and then use your arms to raise your body back up. Repeat until exhaustion.


Few things look good on a body quite like chiseled core muscles. In order to build up your abs and other associated muscles, perform planks, as this exercise is the simplest and most effective way of working this region of your torso.

There are several variations of this exercise, but we like the following one best for its simplicity. Position yourself so that you are on all fours. Prop up the front of your body using your elbows and forearms, then straighten your legs until your knees are fully extended.

This will engage your core muscles with a great degree of intensity – hold the position as long as you can. As time progresses and you last longer, the stronger and better defined your abs will become.

Push Ups

We couldn’t write an article on floor exercises without mentioning this classic movement. If it has been a while since you busted some out, push ups are performed by getting down on all fours as if you were about to plank, only this time, you’ll support your weight with your hands, positioned shoulder width apart.

Keeping your knees taut, lower your body to the floor until your chest touches, then push it back up to the starting position in one clean movement. Repeat until exhaustion.

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Reasons Why Crowdfunding Should Be Considered when Starting your Van Business

Starting your Van Business can be tough ... better get some crowdfunding on your side

When seeking for funds to start a business, there are many options available. One option that regularly gets ignored is crowdfunding. This piece takes a look at major reasons why you should consider crowdfunding when starting your van business.

It is Inexpensive

With crowdfunding, you only need to create properly drafted campaign messages for your audience on the crowdfunding platform. There are no long meetings to navigate and you don’t have to travel half around the country to meet prospective investors. You can completely run a campaign on your own, using money saved to take care of other important aspects of business such as buying van insurance for business and advertising.

Your Business Remains Yours

Many sources of income for a new van business will involve giving up some stake in the business to the investor. Crowdfunding removes this problem. Of course, there needs to be some form of value for backers to be able to invest in your campaign but you only need to worry about fulfilling the offer promised instead of worrying about shared ownership of your business. As a van business, possible offers could include 50% off rates for a specific period of time, free services for a specified number of days in a month for backers, and more.

Build a Loyal Community

With a properly organised crowdfunding campaign, you can create a community around your business. Instead of starting from scratch to source for clients, you will already have a small army of backers ready to spread word about your new van business and help you get it off the ground.

Get Actionable Feedback

You may have created a quality plan for your new van business but direct feedback from backers can help you fine tune the business plan for an improved shot at success. Similarly, when your backers see you approach to taking valuable advice on-board it can lead to more display of goodwill which will encourage other backers to invest in your business.

Easier access to additional funds

If your van business gets off the ground and backers can see tangible progress being made, it is easier to source for a second round of funding. The extra funding campaign doesn’t have to be expansion-related to be a success. Investors are more likely to put in money into a business when there is enough and traceable traction.

So as you plan funding for your van business, do not make the mistake of ignoring crowdfunding as a source of business capital.

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Advantages To Green Door West Membership Fees

At Green Door West, we have an easy membership process that does not include any membership fees. The main advantage to joining Green Door West is how easy it is to get started.

Green Door West is a reputable cannabis delivery company that has many advantages. We were voted #1 in Premium Medical Cannabis Delivery in Southern California.

Our products are strictly organic and vegan seed-to-sale medical marijuana grown only by vegan horticulturalists, which ensures the purest pharmaceutical-grade cannabis available.

We deliver to parts of Southern California, including Los Angeles and Orange County. To find out if you live within our delivery area, take a look at our map on the FAQs page.

Green Door West Membership Process

There are 3 easy steps to get started.

Step 1: Upload your doctor’s recommendation and government-issued ID and we will verify you in minutes!

Step 2: Shop our premium menu. We have a large variety of premium flowers, pre-rolls, edibles, tinctures, topicals, concentrates, and marijuana gear.

Step 3: Once your order is out for delivery, you will receive a link so you can track your delivery on our interactive map.

Cannabis Delivery At Green Door West

Our delivery is professional and discreet. Our drivers blend in by not wearing uniforms. All products are contained within brown paper bags to resemble food delivery. Drivers only carry the amount of product that you order, no more, no less.

No change is available, so your payment will need to be the exact amount of cash or more. We highly encourage you to tip our friendly drivers.

You can rest assured that your items will be delivered safely and securely to your location.

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