BUZZlight – The World’s First Wearable ID Badge & Recorder – Launched on Kickstarter

High quality recordings with a simple design. Use in conferences, or in your daily life.

MUNE, a startup dedicated to improving safety in the workplace, announced its plan to launch the world’s first wearable ID badge & recorder – BUZZlight – on Kickstarter. BUZZlight is a wearable recorder in the shape of a wearable ID badge. Notably, BUZZlight is discrete, and capable of recording at a moment’s notice.

Usually, the times when we need a recorder the most are in pressing, emergency situations. Normally, we have to use recording applications on our devices that require multiple steps to access, or we have to carry around a bulky recording device. But BUZZlight looks just like an ordinary ID badge, except now there’s a record button on the back. This makes recording really simple and discrete; just slide the button up, and you’re ready to start recording.

You can also use BUZZlight to record import meetings at work. After all, nothing beats a personal audio recorder when you need to take note of what was said at a meeting. You can wear BUZZlight around your neck, or even clip it to your belt or pockets to suit your style and level of discretion.

BUZZlight offers white, black, and beige color options that blend in with work attire. It also boasts a slim, 0.20 inch design that fits most standard ID badges. BUZZlight uses a thin casing made of PC-ABS plastic for lasting durability, and performed will in heat and humidity tests. The urethane coating enhances the grip and useability of the product, as well.

The instructions and design are simple, but the recording quality is crystal clear. For recording quality assurance, MUNE tested their product based on metrics such as frequency response, dynamic zone, directivity, and signal-to-noise ratio, ensuring that BUZZlight performs well in a variety of conditions.

To access your recordings, just use the cable shipped with the device to connect it to your computer.

BUZZlight comes with 16 GB of internal memory, letting you save up to 300 hours of recordings. Also, the long battery life means 2 hours of charging is all it takes for you to get up to 6 hours of continuous recording. BUZZlight also doubles as a USB memory device, letting you store other documents along with your recordings. You can also insert an RFID tag into the holder, letting you tap into security doors, process transactions, and more. In addition to the product and case, BUZZlight also comes with a charging cable, manual, USB plug, and protection film.

When asked about the story of BUZZlight’s development, MUNE said, “We heard so many stories of bullying, sexual harassment, and even violence in the work place, and wanted to offer a simple and convenient solution… After a lengthy R&D process, we came up with BUZZlight – the world’s first ID badge recorder.” BUZZlight has launched on Kickstarter this February.

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Why Do We Need Construction Signs?

Everybody has a dream job, and for many people, an outdoor-based career working as a team to create something new is ideal. Construction is at the heart of society, and it’s the reason why countries have infrastructure, housing for citizens and properties for businesses. The world needs people to work in construction, and it’s a job that can be very rewarding. However, needless to say, it’s also a job that can be dangerous if health and safety are overlooked or neglected.


Construction yard managers and owners have a duty to keep their employees safe. That means providing them with an area that has as few hazards as possible, and while there will always be some potentially hazardous areas, they need to be clearly signposted.

Construction signs are used to keep people, assets and vehicles safe, and all construction yards should have them if they’re going to make sure the risk of any accidents is minimised. All workers at a site are required to wear hard hats and reflective clothing for their own safety, but that doesn’t eliminate the risk of people accidently injuring themselves due to hazards that aren’t clearly marked out.

Ensuring Safety at the Construction Yard

Of course, the main priority is saving people’s lives and avoiding injuries, but company owners also don’t want to have to pay out large sums of cash in compensation because they neglected to make their site safe. Signs are vital when it comes to making a construction site a safe place to work, and here’s why.

  • Protecting people – Needless to say, the number one reason for safety signs is to protect workers and visitors at the site. There’s a lot of heavy machinery and hazardous areas at a yard, and people need to be aware of which places are safe to walk. Large and clear signs are the best way to ensure people don’t end up having any preventable accidents.
  • Ensuring safety for drivers – Many vehicles will be driving in and out of construction sites, and that’s why safe areas need to be clearly marked out. It’s important to make sure pedestrians and cars are kept well out of each other’s way to eliminate the risk of any injuries.
  • Taking care of assets – all that heavy machinery at a construction yard is expensive, and it’s important to protect them in order to keep hold of finances. Signs can be used to mark out safe working areas, set speed limits, warn drivers of upcoming difficult terrain and highlight dangerous areas.

People, assets and vehicles all need protecting when it comes to ensuring a construction site is a safe place to work, and there’s no reason to risk any accidents when signs can highlight any and all potential dangers. Those who want to know what signs they need can find more information here, but the best companies will be able to give professional advice and guidance.

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