Give Your Kid Some Great Childhood Memories

Being a parent is not always going to be an easy thing.

All you have to do is ask the countless parents out there how challenging it can be raising kids at times.

That said the majority of moms and dads would not trade their roles for anything in the world.

In being a parent, one thing you want to do over time is give your kid some great childhood memories.

With that thought in mind, are you succeeding when it comes to that?

What Will Your Child Remember Down the Road?

As you look to give your child some great memories for now and down the road, what will they remember?

Among some of the memories you can do your best to give them include:

1. Trips – When was the last time your crew got away and enjoyed a trip? Even if you only venture out for a day or weekend, the fun can provide some great memories for your young one or ones. An example here would be heading off to a theme park. Now, before you fret that it will cost too much money for such a thing, take some time and relax. If you do a little digging online, you can get Disneyland ticket discounts or other such savings. Before you know it, you and your family are off to a theme park of your choosing without spending a ton of dollars. Along with the businesses and approved ticket resellers online, be sure to network. Ask outside family and friends if they have found savings at theme parks and other places. Doing this can open the door to savings before long. Remember, paying for fun does not have to bankrupt you and yours.

2. Sports – Whether your kid plays youth sports or you take them to different events, the fun can be great. In the best of both worlds, your child plays some youth sports and you go as a family to watch the pros play. That said sports can provide your child with great memories for many years to come. If they play them, they can make some great friendships along the way. This not only helps them now, but also down the road when they have to work with others for a common cause or two. Second, your kid can look back one day and think about all the times they saw famous athletes and more growing up. At the end of the day, it can be a winning formula for your child.

3. Family – It is also important that your child has the opportunity to learn about his or her family as a kid. Unfortunately, some members of your family will pass on over the years. When they do, your child no longer has the ability to talk or even visit with them. Create some great memories for your child once they are old enough to remember. Time with a grandparent, aunt and uncle and more can be something your kid looks back on with fondness.

If you want to give your kid some great childhood memories, what are you waiting on?

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How to Vacation in France Like a Local

The French are looked up to by many for their effortlessly glam lifestyle. The French have that certain Je ne sais qoui that everyone wants to recreate. Here’s how to vacation in France like a local:

Definitely Rent a Vacation Villa

If you want to experience France like a local, bypass the tourist filled hotels, and rent one of the many gorgeous vacation rentals in France. Inside your rented home, you’ll have all the privacy in the world, however many bedrooms you choose, plus a full kitchen for experimenting in (after all, food is a big part of French culture!). In metropolitan Paris apartments are for rent in all areas of the city. The French Riviera features airy, pool side homes, and the Alps will feature cozy chalets.

Learn to Breakfast like the French

Many hotels have learnt that is profits to cater to the American Tourist and as such they offer full continental breakfasts with bacon, eggs, pancakes and more. However, for those looking to live la vie francaise, I suggest skipping all that, and heading to a local café for a simple café au lait, and either a chunk of oven-fresh baguette with cheese, or a croissant topped with a decadent smear of butter and some jam. Simplicity is key for much in the French way of life, and starting your day off right with a deliciously simple French déjeuner will have you feeling magnifique.

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Enjoy the French Culture of Food

French food is famous worldwide! And for good reason too, it is simply delicious! Despite being a cuisine filled with butter and cream, not many French are severely overweight. The French have mastered the art of savoring their food without overeating. Portion sizes in France will likely be smaller then what we are used to in The United States; however, plates will be packed with flavor.

This same philosophy can be applied to drinking alcohol. The French love their wine, and enjoy wine by the glass at mealtimes. Rather then drinking to get buzzed, the French drink to savor the flavors and for the tradition of raising a glass with good company.

Dessert is also enjoyed freely, but often ordered to be shared amongst the table. Next time your dining in France, try ordering just one or two items from the dessert menu to share amongst your company, and try to really focus on the flavors! You’ll be impressed by how much more you enjoy your treat in this way!

A tip for finding the freshest food France has to offer? Hit up the local markets! From fish, to fresh cuts of meat and the juiciest fruits and veggies, the markets really are the place to be.

Dress Like a Local

Looking to master French style? The French, especially the women, have mastered understated chic perfectly. Look for solid colored, well fitting, timeless pieces. Cuff jeans to show a bit of ankle, but keep the look cool by forgoing the heels in favor of simple ballerina flats. In Paris, a popular outfit for women is well fitting, simple jeans, cuffed at the ankle, paired with a high quality material basic t-shirt, often white, grey, or cream colored, and finished off with plain black flats and a blazer jacket.

For men, simplicity is also the way to go. Look for quality materials, classic colors, and well-made shoes. Spend money on items made with excellence that will last a lifetime, but remember, the French don’t usually flash their brands.

Get Around Like a Local

It may depend on exactly which part of France you’re in, since obviously the snowy Alps pose different challenges then the sunny blue coast down South. But where possible, try to get around either by rented bike, metro, or just plain by foot!

If you plan to visit more then one area during your visit, consider taking the train. The French trains span the entire country, and are a comfortable way to get around. Tickets can be bought online, or at any train station.

Don’t Skip the Sights to See

As much as you may wish to avoid the so-called tourist traps, don’t completely by pass all the culturally rich sights and landmarks that France has to offer. Whether it be visiting the Louvre, climbing the Tour Eiffel or taking a hike to Foix Castle in Cathar County, its worth it to take the time to be a little touristy too, or you may regret it. That said, you can still work to avoid the crowds by arriving early or late, and perhaps skip the museum foodcourt in favor of something from the French bakery down the street.

Enjoy your time in France, and have fun immersing yourself in this beautifully rich culture. Bon voyage my friends!

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Pop Up Gazebo – An Essential for Your Next Camping Adventure


Quality pop up gazebos are designed to be easy to erect, take down and transport. They are clever creations that you can go anywhere and everywhere with – making them perfect for the avid campers out there. Some are better than others, but if you buy a quality pop up gazebo then rest assured it will last you for many camping trips to come.

I’d recommend investing in a lightweight yet durable pop up gazebo that is quick and easy to manoeuvre. We don’t recommend going down to a commercialised camping store and buying something cheap and that won’t last. Spending just that little bit extra to avoid the structure caving and falling on top of you is completely worth it, especially if you camp often and at different times of the year. If you want something that lasts, don’t take short cuts on –  do your research to find a pop up gazebo that is both accountable and affordable. Pop up gazebo size scan vary and therefore the costs do too, however, to give you a better idea of what I mean by quality, weight is more commonly a good place to start. A small 2.4m x 2.4m pop up gazebo should weigh between 18kg& 23kg out of its case, and a larger 3m x 6m pop up gazebo should weigh around 35kg.

There is nothing more annoying than when the weather decides to ruin the adventure you had planned. Buying a good quality pop up gazebo from an expert retailer will stop this from happening moving forward. We can’t fully predict or change the weather, but we can definitely better adapt to the way we interact with mother nature.Most good quality pop up gazebos are truly waterproof, with a sturdy Aluminium frame and provide Ultraviolet Protection, rated no less than UPF 50+. These specific features allow us to trust that the stability and quality of your pop up gazebo is long lasting.

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Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Love traveling but hate messing with your hard fought exercise routine? Want to keep up with your hot bod while on the go? Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, alone or with your family, here are some exercises you can do anywhere you are.
Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Sumo Slide
The “Sumo Slide” is an exercise you can do anywhere you are.  Make sure you stand at a shoulder length apart width put your hands by your knees, bend them as if you are imitating a sumo wrestler. Next put your weight on the balls of your feet, flex your core, and lift. Within the same motion, lift your arms over your head and slide one heel to the other. Alternate and repeat between ten and thirty times.

Jumping Jacks
A classic cardio buster, Jumping Jacks are an exercise pretty much anyone can do but that doesn’t make them any less effective.  In case you forgot, Jumping Jacks are when you spread your arms and legs apart (while in a standing position.) You do this is a jump like motion, repeating for at least twenty repetitions. With hardly any space needed, Jumping Jacks are a terrific way to get you r heart rate up in a confined space.

Run in Place
Don’t have a tread mill or space to run? While it may not be the most exciting or innovative work out, running in place is another excellent cardio work out. Put on your favorite tennis shoes and start running in place, get your knees up to maximize the calories burned.

More exciting than running in place, toss on your favorite tunes and go wild! Get your heart going and that rhythm flowing. When no one is around you probably already dance like no one is around, so just turn it up a notch and keep sweating. Remember if you are sweating it is working.

Sit Ups
The classic core work out, sit ups  are one of the simplest and  most effective exercises you can do anywhere. With just enough space to lie down, sit ups can help you get a firm toned stomach we all have wanted even when you aren’t near a gym.

Push Ups
Another simple and classic work out, the push up is a perfect exercise you can do anywhere. Whether you are doing sets of ten or one-hundred, the push up is a optimal way to build upper body strength without a gym, space, or extra equipment. There are also countless variations on push ups to make them more or less difficult depending on you strength level.

So remember, just because you aren’t at home doesn’t  mean you can’t keep up your exercise routine. Try a combination of these exercises you can do anywhere and you can stay in shape no matter where you are.

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The Biggest Hotels in The World

Biggest Hotels in The World

There are definitely some big hotels in the world. From themed Vegas mega-structures to exotic beachside skyscrapers, there is a massive hotel for everyones tastes. While not all o these might be in your immediate travel plans chances are will likely cross paths with one or two at some point and if you have never stayed at an architectural marvel of this size, here is your chance. So take a look at some of the biggest hotels in the world.

The Luxor, Las Vegas
Located in the land of big hotels (Las Vegas,) with nearly 4,500 rooms Las Vegas’ “The Luxor” is a one of the biggest hotels in the world that just happens to be shaped like a massive Egyptian pyramid in the middle of the desert, complete with a gigantic sphinx. Room start at only $40 bucks a night the hotel is hard to miss due to the alien-like spotlight shooting from atop the pyramid at night. So if you feel like taking a trip back in time stay at this out of this world hotel!

Ambassador City, Thailand
Pattaya’s Ambassador City hotel offers over 4,200 rooms located on Thailand’s tropical coast. Surprisingly, it is also one of Thailand’s oldest hotels. The Ambassador City Hotel offers 4 separate wings each with a unique theme. The hotel is also very accessible with rooms starting at around $35 dollars a night. A massively relaxing beach getaway.

First World Hotel, Malaysia
Another South East Asian tropical hotel, the First World Hotel boasts a whopping 6,118 rooms. Built adjacent to the Genting Theme Park, this Technicolor monolith provides easy access to guests enjoying the park. Despite it’s slightly bizarre name, Malaysia’s First World Hotel is definitely one of the biggest hotels in the world and worth a stop.

Biggest Hotels in The World
The Excalibur, Las Vegas
Another huge hotel on the Vegas Strip, the topic of many a photo, the world famous Excalibur is a giant castle structure, loosely based on the legend of King Arthur. It features close to 4,000 rooms all within the magnificent magical theme. Other than the obligatory casino, it has some impressive features such as a movie theatre , stores, and restaurants.  Don’t forgot to pack your suit of armor and wizard’s staff.

Izmailovo, Moscow
Moscow’s Izmailovo is not only the biggest hotel in Russia but in the entire world! This massive utilitarian structure was opened during the 1980 Olympics to house world athletes and now provides accommodations for countless of tourists per year. It offers an astonishing 7,500 rooms split up amongst 4 towers. What better way to experience Russia’s mega capitol.

So if you think bigger is always better, make sure you visit some of these biggest hotels in the world and don’t forgot to bring some friends along, because given the size of these hotels, there will be plenty of room!

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The Fastest Trains in the World

fastest trains

fastest trains
Traveling by train has been a longtime favorite slow pace commuter or backpacker but with these fastest trains in the world, it is becoming a favorite of those seeking adventure or to save precious time without the inconvenience or airports. So no matter where you are in the world, check out some of these fastest trains in the world and hold onto your seats!

Belguim’s HSL-1 has been operating since 1997 at a top-speed of 186mph. This means it can make it from Brussels to Paris is less than 90 minutes. While that is a definitely a quick ride, with landscapes so beautiful you may wish it was slower so you stop and smell the tulips.

Shanghai’s Maglev
Shanghai’s fast bullet train has been running commercially for over 10 years and was the first commercially operated electromagnet train. It runs 30km from Longyang Road Station of Metro Line 2 and ending at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It achieves a speed of a whopping 270mph!

Harmony CRH 380A
China is also home to the second fastest operating train in the world has been operating since 2010. It runs from Beijing to Shanghai and reaches nearly 500 kilometers per hour. CRH 380A is one part of a four part Chinese train system which were designed to run on newly constructed high-speed lines that run at average speeds of 380 kilometers per hour and and are based on all original Chinese designs.

Japan’s SCMaglev
Japan’s brand new “mag-lev bullet train” can travel as fast as 10 miles per second! This crazy fast train uses electromagnets to ride friction free. This train is so fast it recently broke the land speed world record. This train is planned to be in commercial use by Japan in 2027.

ETR 500
Italy’s ETR 500 makes the breathtaking trip from Milan to Bologna in less than an hour. With top speeds of over 190mph this train is bound to get your heart racing if the Italian fashions don’t. Let’s hope the onboard food can live up to the Italian standards!


While the view might not be the best (since the Eurostar goes under the British the famous channel or “chunnel,”) It’s speed is definitely impressive at a whopping 199mph. This is a perfect commute from London to Paris. Which by the way sounds like a pretty glamorous commute!

So whether you are a commuter in a hurry or seeking a once in a lifetime thrill ride, be sure to add  one of these fastest trains in the world to your next trip. If you are in Asia or Europe chances are you may be near enough to enjoy record fast travel time aboard a cutting edge mega fast train. The allure of the rails has never been so strong or fast!

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