COOLY: Complete Hands-Free Portable Fan

Conventional portable fans in the market are not the best option for you. Some of them demand you to hold them until you get cramps. Some are useless in cooling you down and drying the sweat of your body.

Heat evaporation will be a great help when you need to cool down your body. This is why sweat is generated in the first place, but we need some help from devices to quickly feel the cooling effect of sweat. However, most of the portable fans in the market fail to blow the wind to the back or to the upper body, which can be the sweatiest area.

A portable fan that effectively targets the back without you having to hold it to the back rolled out on Kickstarter. If you suffer from sweat stains in the back frequently, this can solve your problem.

Let me introduce you, Cooly.

Cooly: The Complete Hands-free Portable Fan

Cooly is not like other portable fans that you need to hold by your hands or wear around your neck. It is a unique and innovative fan that has a fixation clip on it so that you can just fix it on your bottom’s waists or belts. Then the wind will blow inside your top, evaporating the heat and providing instant cooling. The second fixation clip on the top is to hold your shirt from being flipped and allow easy airflow.

Best Features of Cooly

1. It automatically targets your upper body

This point cannot be exaggerated and is what makes Cooly stand out from other portable fans. It is so convenient.

2. Durability

It utilizes a 4000mAh high-capacity lithium-polymer battery that is also used in cellphones or battery packs. When fully charged, it lasts up to 6.5 hours with low wind speed and 2.5 hours with high wind speed. (USB C Type charging) This will work best for outdoor activities.

3. 3-Level Wind Speed and low level of noise

You can adjust the wind speed in 3 levels. Each press of the power button will elevate Cooly’s wind speed. Each speed level generates a different noise decibel. Cooly’s technology succeeded in keeping the noise significantly low even with the highest wind speed. Check out the project page to see the specific noise level according to the wind speed.

Made for everyone: Safety Wing Structure

It has a safety wing structure that prevents your hair from getting caught in the fan. Cooly’s motors and wings are located deep inside so that the users can’t make any contact. Plus, its square shape does not have any sharpness. It is safe for anyone from kids to elders to use.

Color Options

Cooly’s design is very sleek and sophisticated. The background color options are white and black and there are more options for the point color of silver, rose gold, black, dark metal. It will also be a nice interior item.

Now on Kickstarter

Cooly is now available on Kickstarter with a special discount. Check out the project page for more information.

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How to Bring Better Environment for Ugandan Kids

It has been a rough year because of COVID 19 and the people in need must have suffered the most in this global pandemic era. I want to let you know by this article that, still there are many ways to share your heart before 2021 ends. Why don’t you listen to the stories about Ugandan kids’ long journey for the water?

3.7 Miles of Daily Water Journey

You must have heard that in some countries, accessibility to clean water is extremely low. Uganda is one of those countries. According to the UNICEF report, only 17% of Ugandan people can drink water from safely managed sources. Rest of the population must travel a long way only to get the water from the well and that include kids. What they use to transport the water along the way is the jerrycan, which were originally meant to store the military fuel during the second world war.

The problem is, the jerrycan which kids must bring is 10kg and with water, the weight of it goes up to 19.5kg. The fact that they carry it with their heads or hands without any equipment for 1.8 hours on average because they can’t afford a bag is heartbreaking not to mention how dangerous the unpaved roads with running cars can be. We can only imagine the heavy jerrycans’ effect on their back and spine at such a young age. Moreover, the longer time it takes to go get the water, the more times kids tend to miss school.

Jerrybag Can Help Them

For those of you who want to participate in something meaningful, I recommend this project that aims to provide better way to transport water. On Kickstarter launches a charitable campaign called ‘Jerrycan Water Bottle: Water for A Change.’ This project contributes to the world by making the economy for women in Uganda and safer journey for the water for Ugandan kids.

In this project you can donate one bag for the jerrycan, the Jerrybag, buying one one jerrycan inspired eco water bottle aka Jerrycan Water Bottle. Jerrybag is a headlight reflecting bag that is made exclusively to ease the pain of brutal water transportation journey for kids. It lights up to keep the kids safe from the running cars of the road and is made waterproof.

The smartest yet best part of this campaign is that does Jerrybags are made by the local Ugandan women within a design studio in Uganda’s capital city Kampala in 2014. They get paid for that. Surprisingly, this studio is established by Jerrybag campaign team. They have produced more than 13,000 Jerrybags for children younger than 10 with 16 Ugandan female employers through NGOs like World Vision, Childfund etc.

Jerrycan Water Bottle for Jerrybag

The reward of this project, the Jerrycan Water Bottle is not only a sign of your contribution to the world, but also a greatly useful water bottle. It is designed to let you mount your phone while working out or taking selfies so that it can provide satisfactory consumer experience. This is a great feature for gym lovers or yoga lovers. The jerrycan inspired design is unique and trendy too. The size of the jerrycan bottle is very compact. The smallest 400ml jerrycan can fit in your pocket.

Still, the best part of it is you will be reminded of the child you helped whenever you see this bottle.

You Can Be a Part of this Project on Kickstarter

This is a crowdfunding project that needs to gather helping hands little by little. I bet your Christmas will be more meaningful when you become a part of sharing love to the third world, reminding the spirit of Christmas. Find this project on Kickstarter by searching for the ‘Jerrycan Water Bottle.’

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Changes in The Home to Fit Your Physical Needs

Naturally we would all like to stay fit, healthy and a the peak of our physical powers forever but unfortunately this cannot be the case. Physical injury and aging means that there will come a time when we can no longer do the things that we once could and even basic tasks around the home become difficult. When this time comes, it is important that we adapt our homes in order to ensure that our lives are made as easy as possible. There are lots of options when it comes to ways in which you can make your home more suitable to live in and here are a few for you to consider.



Basic daily tasks such as taking a bath can become far more difficult if your mobility is poor and you can remedy this by installing a new bath. You could get a get a walk in bath fitted which will allow you to easily get in and out of the bath tub through an opening door on the side. Alternatively you could have a lower bath put in which would also make it far easier to get in and out.

Shower Stool

Installing a stool in your shower will also make bathing far easier, this way you don’t have to put pressure on your legs as you take a shower. There are lots of different heights for you to choose from depending on your preference and you can simply sit and wash yourself without any undue stress on your body.


Getting up and down the stairs when your mobility is poor can be incredibly difficult and installing a stairlift can really help in your day to day life. The costs of stairlifts have reduced dramatically and there are also lots of different types of grants available which can help towards paying for a stairlift. With a stairlift you will find getting up and down stairs a little slower but it will help you to conserve your energy and strength for getting around.

Bone Friendly Chair

Many of us spend much of our time sitting and chatting or sitting down watching television, to help you and your mobility then it is worth investing in a chair that will provide you with the support that your body requires. There are lots of settees and chairs that have been ergonomically designed to fully support your posture and put pressure on the correct areas as well as taking pressure away from other areas that cause pain.

Loud Speaker Phone

Not being able to hear clearly can be a very frustrating thing and this is especially troubling when you need to speak on the phone. Fortunately there are loud speaker telephones that you can buy which will play the telephone conversation over speakers around the home. Using a phone like this means that you can not only walk around whilst you chat, but also that you will be able to clearly hear what the other person is saying.

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Uses of Sand in The Construction & Building Industries


Sand is often used as a contraction material within the building and construction industries. It’s usually supplied as back run sand, beach sand, white mason sand, utility sand, filtering sand, septic sand, fill sand (aka sand fill), concrete sand and mason sand. Here we’ll discuss and expand on each of these sand types and their specific uses within the construction and building industries.

Back Run Sand

This is type of sand can either be quite coarse or fine, and is usually used as concrete mix for either fence posts and patios. The colouring is usually a mixture between gold, beige or tan.

White Mason Sand

White mason sand is a specific type of mason sand that is used in specific applications such as mixing with mortar and concrete when laying bricks or white blocks. This sand is favoured for this application as it leaves a nice white mortar line between the bricks.

Mason Sand

Mason sand comes quite coarse, and like white mason sand it is primarily used to mix with concrete and mortar to lay bricks, blocks and stone. Unlike white mason sand, general mason sand comes in a variety of colours brown, white, beige, grey or tan.

Concrete Sand

Concrete sand is quite coarse as it is used for mixing with cement for larger applications. It is also often used in septic systems due to its coarse texture.

Fine Utility Sand

Fine utility sand is usually used as a back fill around utility piping. It is quite fine compared to most other sand we’ve discussed, making it the perfect option for placing around fragile underground pipes. Other applications include being used to back fill trenches and to fill sand bags.

Utility Sand

Utility sand is also quite fine and is primarily used for the exact same applications as fine utility sand.

Beach Sand

Beach sand comes in a variety of colours, ranging from beige, grey, brown and tan. This type of sand is often used when building patios or verandas, playgrounds, sandboxes and sometimes even creating fake beach settings.

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Low Cost Ways to Give Your Home a Brand New Look!

Looking to give your home a stylish makeover, but don’t want to have to break the bank to afford the latest styles? Thankfully there are many inventive ways that we can get a chic new look in our interiors that range from crafty DIY tips to some special finance deals that can help all of us get the homes of our dreams!

The craft revolution has really come on strong in recent years which is great news for us home-owners as it means that with just a little bit of loving attention we can create our own unique bespoke look in our homes.

In particular it’s the upcycling trend that seems to treat us interiors fans with the most eye-catching way to revamp our homes as, whether it’s turning a bathtub into a sofa, using a suitcase as a table, or even trying to match these ultra-stylish decanter lamps, there’s nothing like getting crafty for giving us a fun challenge for our interiors makeover.

However, there are certain items in the home that no amount of DIY skill can hope to emulate. Just as you wouldn’t want to cut corners on your home electric system, when it comes to our beds we need to make sure that we aren’t sleeping on decrepit mattresses and frames as these can have an array of negative effects upon our health.

Thankfully, you can still get the bed of your dreams without having to pay out a large lump sum in one go, as many brands such as Bedstar have schemes that allow you to spread the cost in a way that can provide an extra level of bedroom comfort without giving you sleepless nights!

However if you’re looking to upgrade your sofa but can’t bear the cost, simply heading to the shops and investing in some bright and colourful cushions can do a great job of making a bold new impression without the financial pain of a new sofa.

Even away from big items of furniture, there are other helpful tips for your low-cost home makeover. Rather than splashing out on expensive wallpaper, simply buying lining paper and painting over the finished results can do a good job of masking any unsightly areas, and similarly using accent walls is a great way to make a design contrast and can save you on paint costs too!

And even if you can’t afford to paint a whole room, then simply heading to Wall Glamour and checking out their range of ultra-stylish wall decals can give you a striking look at a minimal cost, plus you can simply take it down if you tire of the design!

So whether you’re getting a new bed on finance, or upcycling your home with some creative new designs, there’s plenty of ways to makeover your home at a minimal cost.

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Affordable ways to revamp a kitchen

Affordable ways to revamp a kitchen

Looking to revamp a kitchen? Whether you are trying to add a little fresh life to your existing kitchen for daily use, are trying to increase your homes resale value, or just need more space to cook for more people there are plenty of affordable ways to revamp a kitchen. If it is your dream home, an investment property or even a vacation house, here are a few of our favorite ways to revamp a kitchen on a budget.

Paint the Cabinets
Cabinets make up the bulk of most kitchens, so adding a splash of paint to existing cabinets can really change the feel of your kitchen. Pick a color that will look spectacular in your kitchen and be sure to be kitchen-ready paint so it holds up and in a day you can feel like a you have a brand new kitchen straight out of a home living magazine.

New Cabinet Handles
Affordable ways to revamp a kitchen
Another easy way to spruce up your kitchen without breaking the bank is to add new handles to your cabinets. Pick up  funky, modern, or retro cabinet handles and see how big a difference it really makes. It may seem minor but new handles can significantly change the look and feel of any kitchen making it one of the best affordable ways to revamp a kitchen.

Paint Walls
If you are already happy with the color of your cabinets or want to go the extra mile, consider painting your kitchen walls. Again, make sure you pick a kitchen durable paint but then go wild! Just like painting the cabinets, painting the walls can change the look and feeling of your kitchen dramatically and at a relatively low cost.

Change Chairs
Kitchen tables can get expensive but chairs can be done a lot cheaper. Picking up and sprucing up a set of used or vintage chairs or even buying a set from a mid-range retailer can really change the comfort and vibe of your kitchen while staying on a tight budget and compared to dining room sets, you usually don’t need too many as most kitchen tables seat under four and are fairly informal.

New Faucets
A new faucet can be a great selling point on a kitchen. It is one of the first appliances people look at when they enter the room. A bold, modern faucet can make a kitchen look a lot more expensive than it actually is. This is especially true with the latest high-tech hands free faucets which combine technology and style. A quality faucet is one of the best affordable ways to revamp a kitchen.

I hope these have been inspiration for your kitchen projects. Remember it doesn’t have to be pricey to look good, get creative and have fun revamping your tired kitchen into a modern masterpiece!

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Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Love traveling but hate messing with your hard fought exercise routine? Want to keep up with your hot bod while on the go? Whether you are traveling for business or leisure, alone or with your family, here are some exercises you can do anywhere you are.
Exercises You Can Do Anywhere You Are

Sumo Slide
The “Sumo Slide” is an exercise you can do anywhere you are.  Make sure you stand at a shoulder length apart width put your hands by your knees, bend them as if you are imitating a sumo wrestler. Next put your weight on the balls of your feet, flex your core, and lift. Within the same motion, lift your arms over your head and slide one heel to the other. Alternate and repeat between ten and thirty times.

Jumping Jacks
A classic cardio buster, Jumping Jacks are an exercise pretty much anyone can do but that doesn’t make them any less effective.  In case you forgot, Jumping Jacks are when you spread your arms and legs apart (while in a standing position.) You do this is a jump like motion, repeating for at least twenty repetitions. With hardly any space needed, Jumping Jacks are a terrific way to get you r heart rate up in a confined space.

Run in Place
Don’t have a tread mill or space to run? While it may not be the most exciting or innovative work out, running in place is another excellent cardio work out. Put on your favorite tennis shoes and start running in place, get your knees up to maximize the calories burned.

More exciting than running in place, toss on your favorite tunes and go wild! Get your heart going and that rhythm flowing. When no one is around you probably already dance like no one is around, so just turn it up a notch and keep sweating. Remember if you are sweating it is working.

Sit Ups
The classic core work out, sit ups  are one of the simplest and  most effective exercises you can do anywhere. With just enough space to lie down, sit ups can help you get a firm toned stomach we all have wanted even when you aren’t near a gym.

Push Ups
Another simple and classic work out, the push up is a perfect exercise you can do anywhere. Whether you are doing sets of ten or one-hundred, the push up is a optimal way to build upper body strength without a gym, space, or extra equipment. There are also countless variations on push ups to make them more or less difficult depending on you strength level.

So remember, just because you aren’t at home doesn’t  mean you can’t keep up your exercise routine. Try a combination of these exercises you can do anywhere and you can stay in shape no matter where you are.

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What is the best major to study to earn the most money?

study to earn most money

Going back to school but want to make sure it is worth the time and the money?  While there seems to be an endless amount of areas of study as well as no shortage of information from friends and family on what subject is best for you, for many of us it comes down to economics. Many of us just want t0 know what degree will provide the most bang for your buck. School is not easy and it is not cheap so here are some of the best subjects to study to earn the most money.
study to earn most money
Not surprisingly a business degree is a safe bet for earning a nice salary out of college. While it isn’t the most specialized degree, this can allow you to be flexible in location and industry and float along with the shifting tides of the job market. Not surprisingly, a general business degree still nets a significantly higher average salary upon graduation than most other 4 year programs. So if you want a degree that seems like a safe bet, regardless of your eventual end field of work, business may be a good area of study for you.

Computer Science
Have a knack with computers or programming? Keep it up! Computer science majors are amongst the highest in demand and highest paid graduates. Whether you live in Silicon Valley or Death Valley, given the ability to telecommute, this degree can also offer a great deal of flexibility and with a job market increasingly dominated by the tech industry, computer science majors will likely be in demand and well paid for the foreseeable future. So if you have a knack for technology and want to be part of a booming industry, a computer science degree may be a good choice for you.

The long standing champ and it doesn’t look like it will be changing any time soon; engineering majors are often the highest paid graduates of Bachelors programs. With countless opportunities upon graduating including in aerospace, biomedical, government, electrical, mechanics, renewable energy, and even software; an engineering degree is both specialized and diversified and can offer a variety of high paying positions regardless of your interests. If you always where interested in how things work and how to make them work better, an engineering degree may be a perfect choice and it could provide significant economic rewards.
While there is always the opportunity to earn money regardless of your degree and there is something to be said about following your passions; if your passions happen to fall in line with one of these fields (if not, don’t worry there are countless more degrees that pay) of study don’t waste any time and get consider enrolling to study to earn the most money today!

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Auto Industry Spotlight: Tesla Model III

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3Details on the much talked about Tesla Model III are rolling in. After much anticipation some more information on this financially accessible electric vehicle from the legendary Tesla Motors. Here is a round up as part of our Auto Industry Spotlight: Tesla Model III.

On first look, the Tesla Model III is breathtaking. Tesla’s new all electric premium sedan features a streamlined smooth design with rounded corners everywhere and is breaking the mold by removing the cosmetic only grill seen in other Tesla models. The Tesla Model III debut model also sports big flashy wheels and a hot red color bound to get attention. They also showcased a more conservative sliver color.

Starting at $35,000, the Tesla Model III is the only electric vehicle in this class to provide this level of performance. It is decidedly fast (though predictably not quite as quick as its luxury older brothers) and boasts an EPA range of 215 miles. The company advertises a zero to sixty in under six seconds, which should make taking your kids to soccer practice a lot more fun. The relatively low cost is due to the company’s “Gigafactory,” a massive factory located in Nevada that will be pumping out more lithium ion batteries than ever factory in the world combined. A major factor in the cost of quality electric vehicles has always been tied to the high cost of lithium ion batteries.

As the Tesla Model III is designed to be an everyday consumer sedan, it is also putting safety first. Tesla promises the Model III will attain the highest safety rating in every category. This is a big promise and if Tesla can deliver it could really shake up the mid-range sedan market. It can also comfortably sit five passengers and appears to be a lot more fun than your average mini-van. The company has not disclosed too many details about their “autopilot hardware” (guesses are it could be similar to Google’s highly publicized self-driving car) though we could be getting a lot closer to a self driving car, though given how much fun this things looks like to drive, this could be a potential downside!


So whether you are interested in a Tesla Model III for the environmental benefits, the costs of fuel saving, the novelty, the speed, the design, or the safety benefits; you are likely pretty happy right now. For your sake and that of Tesla Motors, hopefully your excitement will continue because the Tesla Model III will not be available until some time in 2017. To keep you interested Tesla is letting you reserve one for only $1,000 in cash now. So keep your fingers crossed, your wallets ready, and your foot on the gas… or should we say battery?

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