How Drivers Can Tell if They Are Properly Being Compensated After a Truck Accident

Drivers who get into a car accident with another driver often know exactly what to do and what courses of legal action are available. After exchanging insurance information, its easy for them to get on with day to day life. For drivers who are involved in an accident with a truck, it can be hard to know exactly how to proceed, especially if a serious accident has life changing ramifications. There are many factors that are involved in getting full compensation for the injuries sustained in a truck accident and the subsequent costs. Here are some guidelines for drivers who have been in a truck accident and want to know if they are receiving all of the compensation they are entitled to receive from the experienced attorneys at Fisher & Talwar.

Are All Responsible Parties Paying Compensation?

Unlike a car accident, where the other driver is the only one who may be found responsible, there are multiple parties that can be legally held responsible in the case of a truck accident. In addition to the actual driver who was in the truck when the accident occurred, liability can also extend to his or her employer. Trucking laws are strict and employers who allow employees to break those laws can be held liable alongside the driver. If a separate person or company owns the truck, they may also be responsible for paying compensation. In addition, if the accident was caused by some type of design flaw or hardware malfunction, the manufacturer of the truck might also be held liable. These manufacturers are often multimillion dollar companies who can afford to pay legal compensation.

Are All Costs Being Covered?

Even if a driver is receiving compensation from all responsible parties, they may not be getting all the money they are entitled to receive. Medical bills are not the only kind of expenses that the law requires responsible parties to cover. Drivers who suffer losses in an accident can also be entitled to compensation for any therapy or rehabilitation and any missed earnings due to inability to work after the accident. If the inability to work goes on for a long time, there might be a need for compensation due to long term disability. The emotional ramifications of being in a serious accident can be just as serious as the physical, and a driver can be compensated for mental health treatment, emotional distress and inability to enjoy day to day life after the accident.

Drivers who have been in a serious accident with a truck should act quickly, as the statute of limitations in California limits the ability to make claims after two years has passed. It is vital to act within a certain timeframe to receive all the compensation legally owed by everyone who is legally liable. A good truck accident attorney can help with pursuing legal action until a driver has received all of the legal compensation he or she is owed.

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The Fastest Trains in the World

fastest trains

fastest trains
Traveling by train has been a longtime favorite slow pace commuter or backpacker but with these fastest trains in the world, it is becoming a favorite of those seeking adventure or to save precious time without the inconvenience or airports. So no matter where you are in the world, check out some of these fastest trains in the world and hold onto your seats!

Belguim’s HSL-1 has been operating since 1997 at a top-speed of 186mph. This means it can make it from Brussels to Paris is less than 90 minutes. While that is a definitely a quick ride, with landscapes so beautiful you may wish it was slower so you stop and smell the tulips.

Shanghai’s Maglev
Shanghai’s fast bullet train has been running commercially for over 10 years and was the first commercially operated electromagnet train. It runs 30km from Longyang Road Station of Metro Line 2 and ending at Shanghai Pudong International Airport. It achieves a speed of a whopping 270mph!

Harmony CRH 380A
China is also home to the second fastest operating train in the world has been operating since 2010. It runs from Beijing to Shanghai and reaches nearly 500 kilometers per hour. CRH 380A is one part of a four part Chinese train system which were designed to run on newly constructed high-speed lines that run at average speeds of 380 kilometers per hour and and are based on all original Chinese designs.

Japan’s SCMaglev
Japan’s brand new “mag-lev bullet train” can travel as fast as 10 miles per second! This crazy fast train uses electromagnets to ride friction free. This train is so fast it recently broke the land speed world record. This train is planned to be in commercial use by Japan in 2027.

ETR 500
Italy’s ETR 500 makes the breathtaking trip from Milan to Bologna in less than an hour. With top speeds of over 190mph this train is bound to get your heart racing if the Italian fashions don’t. Let’s hope the onboard food can live up to the Italian standards!


While the view might not be the best (since the Eurostar goes under the British the famous channel or “chunnel,”) It’s speed is definitely impressive at a whopping 199mph. This is a perfect commute from London to Paris. Which by the way sounds like a pretty glamorous commute!

So whether you are a commuter in a hurry or seeking a once in a lifetime thrill ride, be sure to add  one of these fastest trains in the world to your next trip. If you are in Asia or Europe chances are you may be near enough to enjoy record fast travel time aboard a cutting edge mega fast train. The allure of the rails has never been so strong or fast!

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Auto Industry Spotlight: Tesla Model III

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3Details on the much talked about Tesla Model III are rolling in. After much anticipation some more information on this financially accessible electric vehicle from the legendary Tesla Motors. Here is a round up as part of our Auto Industry Spotlight: Tesla Model III.

On first look, the Tesla Model III is breathtaking. Tesla’s new all electric premium sedan features a streamlined smooth design with rounded corners everywhere and is breaking the mold by removing the cosmetic only grill seen in other Tesla models. The Tesla Model III debut model also sports big flashy wheels and a hot red color bound to get attention. They also showcased a more conservative sliver color.

Starting at $35,000, the Tesla Model III is the only electric vehicle in this class to provide this level of performance. It is decidedly fast (though predictably not quite as quick as its luxury older brothers) and boasts an EPA range of 215 miles. The company advertises a zero to sixty in under six seconds, which should make taking your kids to soccer practice a lot more fun. The relatively low cost is due to the company’s “Gigafactory,” a massive factory located in Nevada that will be pumping out more lithium ion batteries than ever factory in the world combined. A major factor in the cost of quality electric vehicles has always been tied to the high cost of lithium ion batteries.

As the Tesla Model III is designed to be an everyday consumer sedan, it is also putting safety first. Tesla promises the Model III will attain the highest safety rating in every category. This is a big promise and if Tesla can deliver it could really shake up the mid-range sedan market. It can also comfortably sit five passengers and appears to be a lot more fun than your average mini-van. The company has not disclosed too many details about their “autopilot hardware” (guesses are it could be similar to Google’s highly publicized self-driving car) though we could be getting a lot closer to a self driving car, though given how much fun this things looks like to drive, this could be a potential downside!


So whether you are interested in a Tesla Model III for the environmental benefits, the costs of fuel saving, the novelty, the speed, the design, or the safety benefits; you are likely pretty happy right now. For your sake and that of Tesla Motors, hopefully your excitement will continue because the Tesla Model III will not be available until some time in 2017. To keep you interested Tesla is letting you reserve one for only $1,000 in cash now. So keep your fingers crossed, your wallets ready, and your foot on the gas… or should we say battery?

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